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Limited warranty for SETSOLAR Photovoltaic Modules 

(Terrestrial applications)

Ten Years – Limited Warranty

SETSOLAR warrants the module to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal application, use and installation, and service conditions for one hundred and twenty (120) months from date of sale to the original user/ purchaser. If the module becomes inoperable due to a defect in workmanship or material during the one hundred and twenty(120) months period of this warranty SETSOLAR will, at its option, either repair or replace the module, or refund

the purchase price only. This warranty shall apply while the original user / purchaser own the module.

Twenty Years – Limited Warranty on Power Output

For a period beginning from the date of sale of modules to the original user / purchaser, and ending twenty (20) years thereafter, SETSOLAR will replace any power loss of modules that demonstrate a power output less than 80% of the minimum rated output power specified in the technical data sheet or on the data label attached to the backside (tedlar)

of the module.

SETSOLAR shall measure power output using its standard test conditions and so long as such power loss is determined by SETSOLAR to be due to defects in workmanship or material, at its option, SETSOLAR will replace such power loss by either providing the user / purchaser additional modules to make up the loss of wattage, or by repairing or replacing the modules. This warranty shall apply only while the original user / purchaser own the module.

What the Warranty Does Not Include

If in SETSOLAR’s sole judgement, a module has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident or has been damaged through abuse, alteration, improper installation or application, or negligence in use, handling or storage or repaired by anyone other than SETSOLAR, this warranty will not be applicable. The warranty does not include any transportation costs for return of modules or for re-shipment of any repaired or replaced module, or costs associated with removal, installation or reinstallation of modules.

Limitations of Warranty

Damage to persons or property or other loss or injury resulting from a defect in the module or from improper installation or use shall not be the responsibility of SETSOLAR. SETSOLAR will not under any circumstances be liable for any incidental or consequential damage. Any warranties including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which may be implied by law, are limited in duration to the sixty (60) months after date of sale to the original user / purchaser. This warranty is the maximum extents of SETSOLAR’s liability and in lieu of all other warranties express or implied, and is limited to the purchase price of the module. Modules installed in corrosive or maritime environment are excluded from this warranty.

Warranty Claim Procedure

Claims under this warranty will be considered if submitted by registered mail to the Warranty Claim
Department, SETSOLAR, Po Box 15934, Panorama, Cape Town, South Africa, 7506 within 60 days following the discovery of any defect covered by this Warranty, with specific details in writing, and provided SETSOLAR or its agents are permitted to a reasonable opportunity to examine and analyze the material or workmanship claimed to be defective. An authorized representative of SETSOLAR must approve any claim in writing.


If a part of the terms and conditions set out is held invalid, void or unenforceable due to any particular national  Or international legislation, it shall not affect other parts of the terms and conditions remaining.

Updated: 01-2018

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