1kW 24V Inverter Load Shedding Kit


The inverter/charger pure sine wave series is designed to work and protect PC equipment and serves as a backup device in extremely hostile power environments where other UPS simply cannot operate. An extra wide input AVR conserves battery for added security. Includes a multi-stage surge suppressor which can protect from surges and spikes, these units are powered/charged from the utility/grid only.

  • 24V DC – 1000W
  • Pure sine wave
  • AVR function
  • Charge current Max. 15A
  • Input range: 195-245V AC
  • Low battery cut off: 20 - 24V DC
  • Nominal voltage: 27,6 - 29V
  • LCD/LED panel
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • 81% Efficiency
  • Output Transfer time: Typical 6ms – 10ms (Max)                                                                                                                                                                                                              


2 x 100Ah 12V GEL Batteries connected in series (battery connector cables and breaker included)

Battery Box on Wheels

Fits 2 x 100Ah 12V batteries

1kW 24V Inverter Load Shedding Kit


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