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MPPT 20A 12V/24V Charge Controller (LED)

The 20 amp MPPT Regulator has been developed to create a cost effective solution for small installations.
The 20 amp MPPT Regulator continually calculates the module’s maximum power point. When a 75W PV panel is connected directly to a battery, charging at 12 volts, its power production is artificially limited to about 53 watts. This wastes 22 watts or nearly 30% of the available power! MPPT technology used in MPPT Regulator operates in a very different fashion. The controller continually tracks the module’s maximum power voltage, in this case 17 volts. It then operates the module at its maximum power voltage to extract maximum power. This provides a 30% increase in power over a conventional charge regulator.

The higher power extracted from the module is then provided to the battery in the form of increased charge
current. This enables the maximum cost per watt to be obtained which creates an economically viable solution on
a lower income scale. Each Solar Panel system sold needs a 20 amp MPPT Regulator to maximize the panel’s



  • Automatically measures the battery voltage and then sets up the charge parameters(12v-24v)
  • Operates the Solar Panels at the maximum efficiency
  • Charges batteries by setting up the best power point of the solar panels
  • Can improve power extracted from the solar panels by 30% over normal shunt/series pass regulators
  • LED Display
  • Maximum Current 20 Amps.
  • 20 amp Load controller.
  • Temperature controlled Cooling Fan
  • Selectable Low voltage disconnect.
  • 24 hour load or Street Light mode

MPPT 20A 12V/24V Charge Controller (LED)

  • Output Current Rating: 20 amps
    Nominal Battery Voltage: Multi-Voltage 12-24vdc (Automatic selection of voltage)
    PV Input Voltage Absolute: Maximum 50VDC
    Charge Algorithm: 2-stage Boost/Float
    Boost Voltage: Charges to 14.8v for minimum of 3 hours (12v system) 29.6v (24v system)
    Float Voltage: 13.8v per battery (12v system) 27.6v (24v system)
    Power Conversion: DC/DC Switch Mode
    Output Efficiency: >95% Typical @ 14 Volt 15 Amps Output
    Voltage Step down Capability: Can charge a lower voltage battery from a higher voltage PV array.
    Status display:
    6 LED Display


    1. MPPT Charge Controller
    2. 20 amp Load Shed
    3. 24 hour load shed or Street Light Controller
    4. Programmable; Dusk to Dawn, ½ hour 1hour or 1.5 hour delays.
    5. Selectable battery low cutout. 10.0v,10.7v,11.5v for 12 volt
    6. Selectable battery low cutout. 20.0v,21.4v,23.0v for 24 volt

    Power Consumption: Less than 1watt
    Environmental Rating: 0 – 40°C
    Protection System:
    Lighting Protection
    Reverse polarity Panel/Battery
    Internal Fuse
    Cable Entry: Connector (Max Cable size 16mm)
    Warranty: 12 months
    Cabinet Dimension: 110mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 70mm (H)
    Weight: 500g
    PV Panel Range: 12v - Max 240 watt PV Panel, 24v - Max 480 watt PV Panels

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